Amina Rubinacci is the founder of the "Maison," founded in Naples in the 1970's. It has become one of the most important Italian fashion houses to date. 

Paris defines Amina Rubinacci as "The Queen of Wool," from Christian Dior to Saint Laurent. All of the most important French stylists recognize the elegance and ease of wear of her wool garments. 

The main characteristics of the Rubinacci fashion house are the continuous research of chromatic solutions, high focus on the realization of the models and patterns, and finally a systematic control of the work process.

Today, with the cooperation of her children, the company has enriched the Amina Rubinacci brand offer. The total look of the company can be seen from the production of the woolen garments to textile materials and leather clothing. 

Amina Rubinacci has six locations throughout Italy: Naples, Milan, Rome, Forte dei Marmi, Ischia and Capri.